Investment Criteria

  • Early stage start-ups are our primary target “audience”
  • The cash flow gap that will be filled with our input should produce specific outcomes that increase some critical aspect towards the growth of the company
  • We seek partners/entrepreneurs with “skin in the game,” i.e., those who have already demonstrated financial commitment to their venture
  • We seek to partner with entrepreneurs who are highly motivated and committed to the success of their venture, and preferably who spend their full-time on behalf of the company
  • Our partner companies should demonstrate a sustainable competitive advantage
  • The targeted company should demonstrate a realistic view of the valuation and prospects of the company
  • $100K max investment or financing need
  • Follow-on investing is an option, either by TCP alone, jointly with other VC companies, or by co-investing with individual TCP partners

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  • Evaluation Criteria

    Every business plan will be reviewed by Tollman Capital Partners. Completed business plan packets that are submitted to the Evaluation Committee will need to have the following: 1) The "Elevator Speech"—a very short (one or two paragraph) summary of the business 2) An "Executive Summary"—a one to two page summary that briefly describes the business 3) The Business Plan itself—
    • the business
    • the product or service
    • the market
    • the competition
    • a revenue model
    • distribution/sales
    • financial projection
    • management
    • deal term/proposal
    Our review will be based upon the following:
    • potential to be a market leader
    • potential to produce cash flow in a reasonably short period of time
    • supportable financial projections
    • supportable sales projections
    • competence of management with ability to execute
    • agreed upon TCP exit stategy