About Us

Tollman Capital Partners (TCP) is a Massachusetts based venture capital fund whose primary goal is investing in seed-phase or early-phase start-up companies in search of capitalization in the $25K to $100K range.

Our evaluation committee is composed of professionals with experience in medicine, accounting, law, entrepreneurship, human capital, academics, economics and finance.

TCP’s goal is to provide not only financial support, but also experiential/advisory support to the small-business owner to help with company growth, increase in market share, company stability, follow-on investments, and any other advice that we are able to give.

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  • Executive Summary

    Many start-ups with fundamentally sound business models are in weak cash flow positions due to credit market conditions and general malaise in the economy. Traditional venture capital (VC) funds normally capitalize initially with a minimum of $50M and require large-scale investments to justify the research effort of company identification, due diligence and deal structuring, while simultaneously allowing enough time for the investments to come to fruition. With the size and structure of current VCs, entrepreneurs with capital needs in the range of $25K to $100K are frequently overlooked. Angel Investors on the other hand, will often invest in smaller scale start-ups. However they commonly have an unwieldy governance structure and make investment decisions based upon less data, less stringent due diligence and often with less professional investment expertise. Tollman Capital Partners (TCP) is thoughtfully designed to offer the balance of professional vetting, due diligence and selection, but with a smaller capital investment targeting this extremely under-served and relatively 'open' business sector. TCP is an experienced, diverse team of professionals formed to create and manage a unique investment vehicle designed to combine the expertise and creativity of the evaluation committee with the collective knowledge and insights of the individual investors to create a high yield investment vehicle. The TCP management structure is intentionally streamlined with low overhead and very low-load operating costs. Managerial reimbursement is primarily through 'back-end' pay from fund profits, and not out of initial capital paid in by investors. Investing members will be compensated through the overall growth of TCP, and through the pass-through of cash profits from the individually funded startups to the TCP investing members.

    Our Mission

    At Tollman Capital Partners, LLC, it is our mission to create a new type of seed fund built upon solid fundamentals, that combines the pioneer spirit of an angel investor group with the investment savvy and industry knowledge of a venture capital fund. TCP will use measured, proven techniques to vet and invest in suitable, high potential start-up companies in a variety of industries. TCP will identify both young and more mature companies, perform careful due diligence, and invest in the best opportunities presented. We are structured to provide consistently attractive returns to the owners of our fund.

    The Investment Process

    TCP management and advisors have extensive contacts throughout the entrepreneur community, standing relationships with New Product Innovation business school competitions and incubators, access to member-only web portals for VC/Angel investors, and local contacts to a 'clearinghouse' of seedling companies in need of capital. All these channels afford TCP a high volume of potential 'start-up' targets for our consideration. Because these target investments will be in the early stages of development, the TCP management team will negotiate favorable debt and equity positions on behalf of the fund for investments in the range of $25K to $100K. TCP will diversify into multiple industries, as well as into assets with periodic liquidity events, allowing for flexibility and cash flow after the initial investment round. TCP management plans to invest in 'factoring', which is a short-term loan against receivables, providing short-term cash profits, while we apply methodical assessment and select our longer term investment opportunities.

    The TCP Difference

    Angel investment funds frequently take a passive approach to their seedling company. Conversely, venture capital funds traditionally take a 'heavy-handed' approach—demanding a percentage growth per year, and often taking control of the operation of portfolio companies. Neither approach optimizes the potential of the start-up. By contrast, the TCP fund offers the following distinct benefits:
    • A diverse and knowledgeable selection committee
    • Specific expertise in small seed-phase start-up companies
    • Access to a high volume of target companies
    • Active mentorship of funded start-ups
    • Founder-friendly investment
    • Active investor participation

    Who We Are

    The TCP management team is composed of a managing member and a diverse team of professionals on the evaluation committee whose talents, skills and expertise include experience in medicine, accounting, law, entrepreneurship, human capital, academics, economics, and finance.