Our First Investment

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Poteris Ventures was founded to create, market, and sell innovative beverages to serve the rapidly growing demand for functional, all natural consumer products.

Poteris’ first offering, Biba, is market-ready and has already proven the theory that consumers desire beverages that are refreshing, hydrating and promote lifestyles of health and sustainability. Based in Boston MA, Biba is owned by Poteris Ventures LLC, and managed by Managing Director Sean M. Hurley and CEO & Founder Dr. David Paquette.

Our goal when investing in our first company was to identify a strong team and an even stronger product.

Biba has displayed the drive and intelligence that we hoped for when we first started evaluating companies in July.

Led by the founder and CEO David Paquette, Biba has acquired over 75 Retail Accounts at a Growth Rate of 25 Accounts per month.

This growth did not come easily however, and required an enormous amount of hard work.

Over the past two years, David has been formulating and marketing the Biba product through sweat equity and support from family and friends. This desire to make Biba a success also attracted Sean Hurley, Biba’s current Managing Director.

Sean brings years of experience in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry, working with grocery chains as well as many of the top distributors in the region. Sean has been able to secure meetings with buyers at several New England-based grocery and convenience chains, as well as distributors in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Tollman Capital Headquarters

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Tollman Capital Partners has a new home at 200 Washington Street, Boxford, MA 01921.